S u m m i t C r u W i n e C l u b


J o i n o u r M e m b e r s C l u b

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W h y B e c o m e a M e m b e r ?

Year round convenience

Convenience of 1 bottle a week delivered to your door.

Premium Selection of Estate grown wines

As well as 15% discount on Feathertop Black label range, Sparkling wine range & fortifieds.

Access to the Private Estate

Private access to the Feathertop Estate (Bookings essential).

Member priced accommodation

50% off accommodation booking over 4 nights.

Exclusive invitations

Invites to exclusive events.

Y o u g e t f r e e d e l i v e r y .

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feathetop wine distribution

By signing up to Summit Cru Wine Club, any purchase you make will also include free delivery anywhere within Australia.