Feathertop Montepulciano 2022

Another new release for you all. Merlot 2021 is certainly coming back into vogue with those who are looking for an easy-drinking red wine with just a bit more weight than a Pinot. Blackcurrant, red cherries, and a healthy lick of new French oak for added lift and structure see this new release drinking perfectly now. The acid is well-integrated, ensuring a long-lasting finish. The 2021 vintage saw outstanding conditions for red wine production with cool nights and warm summer days. The grapes were harvested and left on skins for approximately 8 days to extract just the right composition of tannin structure that makes this wine a great weekday drinker. We have aged this wine on lees for an extended period to retain freshness and further soften the tannins in the final blend.

Our youngest patch of vineyard, placed right on the valley floor gets more sun than any of us on holiday. Which is prime positioning for such a thick skinned late ripening variety.   We were allocated Montepulciano after our Cabernet Sauvignon batch of wine had a very healthy addition of sulfur because one of our group members misheard the addition and added in ten times the amount that was required.

At Feathertop we often hear people questioning the use of sulphites, do we need them? Yes, we do – but do we keep them to a minimum in the final blend- yes. The amount of sulphur in a finished wine constitutes as less than 100mg -150 mg per L. In real life terms I can confidently say that your dried apricots, or salt and vinegar chips have more sulphur that’s added as a preservative. We keep our sulphur use to a minimum where possible as to not detract from the flavour of the wine.

The Montepulciano was handpicked and kept on skins for approximately 8 days. There were 2 different oak types we used, a tight grain French oak which added a lifted aromatic profile, and a new American oak which added a fruit sweetness to the final blend. This isn’t actual sugar, but rather the perception of sugar – so you can sleep soundly knowing that this wine isn’t full of sugar additives that will have you bouncing off the walls after a glass or two.