Feathertop 2023 Sparkling Rose

Perched on opposite sides of the vineyards there are two small planting of Prosecco that are hand pruned, hand trained and meticulously looked after throughout the growing season. Upon ripening the bunches are hand selected, and hand harvested by a small team and bought into the winery for small batch processing.

The 2023 Vintage saw cooler than average temperatures throughout the season providing the vines with ample ripening time. The Prosecco was 40% whole bunch pressed and 60% de-stemmed before being gently pressed as to not extract any green characteristics that can be rife throughout the growing season.

After cold settling the winemaking team used a yeast that was native to champagne which saw the ferment through. As a team we decided it was time to visit an old flame of our product list and bench trial a sparkling rose Prosecco. With this cooler climate the Pinot Noir component was fresh, confectionery and vibrant so we blended in a small proportion 8% to give the product its finished candy hue colour.

Aromas of candied apple, strawberries and cream with a natural driven acidity that is interwoven with a refreshing bubble and fruit sweetness.