Feathertop 2022 Shiraz Malbec

Cool climate Shiraz is an unsung hero in the wine world with balance being the primary focus for any astute winemaker. I first started working closely with Malbec on my dinner table in 2015 as I was exploring the varieties from around the world. Malbec has a home in Bordeux as one of the six varieties commonly used for blending, but it’s never the centre stage in Australian wine, for good reason as sometimes it can just be a bit too much! Our cool climate shiraz clones provided the perfect blend with some assistance of our Malbec.

We are particulary lucky with our Malbec as it sits in the back corner of the vineyard out of the way and isn’t effected by some of the harsher weather that can catch us by surprise.

When tasting through the wines I wanted to add some lift and robust personality to our shiraz, and behold the blend was born.

Having trialed this on the bench, we then went to work with adjusting and fine tuning the acid and tannin drive for more structure this was done by working in some new tight grain french oak, and a touch of American oak for a caramel and vanilla with has exentuated the fruit purity of our hand selected small parcels of fruit.