Feathertop White Field Blend 2023

Our latest release, the Field Blend White, is a harmonious fusion of aromatic Riesling, Vermentino, and Fiano. Crafted in a savoury style, this unique blend offers a sensory journey unlike any other. The aromatic Riesling contributes floral notes, while the Vermentino adds a fresh, zesty character. The Fiano brings a rich texture and complexity to the blend. Together, these varieties create a wine that is both intriguing and satisfying, perfect for those who appreciate wines with depth and nuance. Many winemakers in the new guard are attempting to emulate the winemaking practices of those before them by employing some of these techniques, whereby less additions are made to the final wine to provide a more complex sensory experience. This is the ultimate food wine ! Its rich flavour and textural notes make it the perfect addition to cheese platters, rich white meat dishes and of course our favourite, pasta.