Feathertop Sauvignon Blanc 2024


2024 Sauvignon Blanc was not such a hero story for 2024. We collaborated with the Ferraro family after we got hit with frost. Their vineyard is about a 20 minute drive from the property in the Alpine Valleys and are a lovely family that we have shared many a glass with over 30 years. We had a really interesting time with this batch – we learnt very quickly that our winery wasn’t built for offsite harvested fruit as everything is different when you are bringing grapes in. As you know all our wines are usually all Estate grown but in extreme circumstance we have to knock on the door of a neighbor and this was one of those years.

We were adamant we wanted some skin contact time with this variety so we could extract some of those passion fruit flavour profiles and boy was it worth it.

This wine resulted in a lemon lime cordial delight. Awesome naturally acidity is interwoven through the palate, and the undertones of guava delight ensure there is lasting flavour to balance out the acidity.