Feathertop Merlot 2016 6pk


Nick’s Winemaker Comments:

Feathertop Merlot 2016 × 6

Nick's Winemaker Comments:

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You probably all know the high esteem we hold Merlot in, despite the misuse it has been historically subjected to in the Australian wine industry. At Feathertop, you can be confident that we will never overcrop Merlot, pick it too early or late or blend it off until it is unrecognisable. It will always be allowed to proudly stand alone, a shining beacon to quality cool climate viticulture and wine making. (Insert sounds made as I get off my high horse!!) Our 2016 Merlot is showing all the richness and texture that we love about this variety. Ripe, mouth-filling flavours of dark red berries, spiced plums, mocha and dried herbs dominate a plush, silky palate. The abundant, fine tannins leave the palate very long and dry. All hail the mighty Merlot!!

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Feathertop Merlot 2016

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