Feathertop 2023 Rose

One of the first picks of the season saw the handpicked pinot noir fruit make it’s way to the winery on relatively cool Thursday afternoon. From this point we gently pressed the whole bunch proportion and left it on skins for 5 hours as to extract the right amount colour, and flavour. We cold settled in small insulated tanks, and then racked the juice into another tank but ensured that we left some solid proportions behind as to allow the final wine to show some rounded textural elements. Whils we used a particular strain of yeast that is known for producing aromatics that the punters love to see with rose, think tangelo, strawberries and watermelon. We had some extra juice come in with our Sangiovese later on during the season, and this made its way to seasoned french oak barriques. This component was fermented on partial solids and then went through secondary fermentation as to round out the acidity that 2023 was characterised by due to the cooler than normal ripening conditions. Upon completion both batches were blended to together, clarified using only suitably vegan products.