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Go High & Be Rewarded!

This article is for our hiking lovers, it starts around Harrietville just 30 minutes’ drive from the winery and reaches its peak at the top of Mount Feathertop, our namesake.

Mt Feathertop is definitely one of the most spectacular peaks in Victoria, it is the second highest peak and has one of the most iconic walks – The Razorback. The Razorback is a high ridge that links Mt Hotham (1861m) with Mount Feathertop (1922m). The track takes you above the tree line and provides amazing views of the Alpine Valley’s. The most popular time to walk this track is Summer. Walkers can escape the heat and there is less chance of unpredictable weather. You’ll enjoy a sea of wildflowers. During Autumn/Spring there are also wild flowers and Winter, only for the very experienced, there is skiing.

There are a number of ways to explore Mt Feathertop:

  • Bungalow Spur Walking Track to Mt Feathertop Distance: 22km return, duration 8hrs approx. Grade 4, bushwalking experience required. Formed, very steep track with some obstacles. Sign posted. This track steeply ascends Bungalow Spur, accessing a number of routes into the alpine region, including Mount Feathertop, the Razorback Ridge and Mt Hotham.
  • Washington Ck / Bon Accord Spur Walking Tk Distance: 24km return. Grade 2 & 4, some bushwalking experience required. Formed very steep track with some obstacles. Sign posted. The first section of the Bon Accord to Washington Ck (Grade 2, 4.7km one way), contours high above the East Branch of the Ovens River, along the course of an old mining water race. A pleasant walk with great views of the river and an ideal spot to pack your lunch. From Washington Ck the track steeply climbs Bon Accord Spur, accessing a number of routes into the alpine region, including Razorback Ridge, Mt Hotham, and Mt Feathertop.
  • North West Spur Track to Mt Feathertop Distance 18km return. Grade 4, bushwalking and navigation experience required. Rough, not well-defined, very steep track with obstacles. Limited Signage. This less frequently used route to Mt Feathertop is rough and steep in places. Starting at Stony Creek, near the Trout Farm, cross the bridge and park vehicle. The domed MUMC Hut is 7km from the start of the walk. From here it is 2km to the summit of Feathertop. Click for Reference.

Razorback Trail

The actual Razorback walking track begins at the Diamantina Hut. This is 2.5 km on the Harrietville side of the Hotham Village. Please note the ridge is very exposed it should be not be crossed in unsettled or bad weather. The track intersects with the Bon Accord Spur track about 1 km from the start. It then intersects the Bungalow Spur Track 1.5 km from the summit of Mount Feathertop, this site is called The Cross.

The final climb to the top is steep but well worth the effort. Return by the same route or, if you have made suitable transport arrangements, walk down to Harrietville via the Bungalow Spur Track. Ensure you are well prepared for this walk, as the weather can be unpredictable. Click for reference.

There are also a range of shorter walks in and around the area. We suggest you see here for more information.

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