The Boynton Family

The first Boynton “vintage”, aka Kel’s children Mieke, Carla and Valjean, were pivotal with the daily operations of the family vineyard in the early days.  In cellar door you’ll find a beautiful collection of photos of the kids growing up on the winery, helping plant vines, picking grapes, digging trenches, feeding animals, helping in cellar door - real country kid stuff.  Whilst their school friends were off enjoying their summer holidays relaxing on the beach, they sacrificed their holiday time to help the family business as best as they could. But it wasn’t all hard work and no play, with the alpine resorts, national parks and rivers right on their doorstep, the kids enjoyed skiing and day trips up to Mt Buffalo, fishing and swims in the river and bike riding.   It’s needless to say they were taught the value of hard work and the value of money from a young age, values which have seen them each carving out their own successful niches in the big wide world today.

Mieke is living up in the Kimberley in WA and earning accolades with her stunning landscape photography and undertakes extensive global travel to find the perfect landscape to photograph. You can check out some of her award winning work on her online gallery .

Carla is married to Gordon and is the proud mum of 14 year old Thomas. Carla continues to lead organisational change in corporate organisations whilst her love of fashion sees her working with private clients to style them to their best with her own business Fashionably Mobile. Family, wine, food, fashion and gardening keep Carla content!

Valjean, post studying entrepreneurship at RMIT, continues his interest in beverages with his second entrepreneurial venture Mister Mixer cocktails is Australia’s number one draught cocktail brand.  Autumn 2016 was a very exciting time for the Boynton family as Valjean married Kathryn Brown of Brown Brothers.

Kel, a viticulturalist and winemaker, and Janelle, an architect and project manager, met in 2000 on the terraced gardens of Boyntons. Kel, in need of a good architect and Janelle who appreciates a good wine, married in 2003, beginning their new vintage.

Now with two children, Boston who is 14 and Zara 12, Feathertop Winery has moved into a new chapter.

Boston is an avid mountain biker who loves the challenge of conquering the downhill trails in the local pine forests (and has the war wounds to prove it!) and the steeper and muddier the tracks, the better! As it is custom with any Boynton family milestone or celebration, Kel brought Boston into the winery the night before and the cellar door team toasted to his impending journey towards adulthood (a.k.a high school). He has had a wonderful summer, swimming with friends and fishing with dad.

Zara is a budding entrepreneur, happily donning the black Feathertop shirt to assist the winery on the busy days and helped desiged the children’s play area at new and improved Porepunkah Pub. Otherwise the children can be seen in the winery after school treating themselves to a large and very chocolatey milkshake  before heading off home to do their homework.


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